Getting started task panel

I just made “getting started” task panel (some beta testers missed it in version 5). Besides recent files list I added a list of all azzdb files in default folder – one-click files navigator. If you open files from outside default folder (or it’s sub-folders) you will get all path in the list item (hover to see a hint with all line). That way I encourage to keep data files in default location – it is safest place.

I will decorate it later.

New beta will be ready for testing in a few days.

Open or export?

Recently I got note from some beta testers, that imported old .azz file cards are mixed with existing cards (e. g. samples).

It is intended to transfer old version program files by opening them, not importing.

There is a difference between file opening and importing – import will add cards to existing file – it is useful to merge files together or synchronize them (e. g. from Android after editing there).

Such behavior was in previous version, however I feel, that I need to add .azz and .azzx to default extensions in Open dialog and explain Import feature in tool-tips and hints.

azzCardfile 5 beta ready for testing

Dear azzCardfile users,

Finally version 5 is ready for testing. I highly appreciate beta testers for their efforts and invaluable feedback, which has been helping to keep azzCardfile as good as possible. Please be prepared for possible unexpected crashes; so please make sure to back up your files frequently.

If you have never used azzCardfile before, I recommend downloading and trying the stable release version 4.1.16

Get more news about azzCardfile in Facebook and author’s blog. There you can write your suggestions, read other user’s posts, participate in voting about most wanted features.

What is new in 5.0

Version 5 is totally rebuilt, actually created from scratch.

  • New data files format (.azzdb): no memory limits, saving cards during editing
  • Android azzCardfile reader app (will be ready for testing soon)
  • Toolbars evolved to Windows Ribbon Framework
  • Zooming cards
  • Cards linked to geographical locations
  • Bookmarks and history in task panel
  • Imports vCard .vcf files
  • Style templates


  • Keep latest final version installed (latest is 4.1.16). Some features from version 4 are not implemented yet in version 5 (spell-checker, card icons, etc.).
  • Versions 5 and earlier can coexist in the same system, they have different data file formats and do not change each other. Therefore, use both new and old versions together as different programs. Keep your vital important data in version 4, experiment with version 5.
  • File format: cards in version 4 (.azz, .azzx) were saved in proprietary format. In new version 5 a standard database engine is adapted (SQLite, data files have extension .azzdb). This give more reliability, reduce size limits (no more out of memory error messages). However, now what you enter, is saved automatically, “save” action no need anymore. Use “File | Restore” if you want to undo changes you did after last saving. Anyway, make a copy of file before experimenting.
  • You can open old version files with version 5, they will be imported into new database, old files remain unchanged. If old file is protected, you need to enter password on import, however, new file will not be protected automatically, you need to perform “File | Encrypt” procedure.
  • So far protected files are not recognized in azzCardfile Android application, you have to unprotect them before transferring to Android.
  • Your data in Android device is secure, because by default this area is not accessible to other apps or the user.
  • New Windows Ribbon Framework is under construction. If something doesn’t work, use Toolbar. After finishing ribbon design, toolbar will be hidden by default.
  • Style templates are under construction. You can try Styling buttons and Styles task panel, but so far this feature does not guarantee styles preservation.

Features not implemented yet

If listed below features are essential for you, wait until next version be published.

  • Spell checking
  • Card icons
  • Dialing from Windows (it works in azzCardfile Android app)
  • Advanced search
  • Minimize to notification area


Ready? Go to

How to add location in azzCardfile from Google Maps

Geographical location field is a new feature in azzCardfile version 5.

It is easy to add location In azzCardfile Android application: just touch Map button below, then find a location in the map and touch the place.


In Windows application you can add Location coordinates manually entering latitude and longitude separated by comma, like this: 6.939259, 79.833418.

To find coordinates, use Google Map. Just click Map button near Location edit box:

Besides this window, Google map tab also opens in browser. Find location there, right-click on the place and select “What’s here?”:

Click on coordinates on box below:

Select coordinates on left (small figures), right-click and select “Copy” (or Ctrl+C)

In azzCardfile application paste coordinates to Location edit box:

After posting record, coordinates will be automatically fixed to proper format. Now on clicking Map button, you directly go to web browser Google Maps location.

azzCardfile Android app will show this card location in it’s Google Maps app.

Zooming feature added

Just added last new feature before first beta publishing: version 5 card body can be zoomed by zoom buttons on the ribbon or by Ctrl+MouseWheel.

What remains? Sample file, documentation and testing, testing, testing.

Android client is also close to finish.

azzCardfile 5 progress

azzCardfile 5 progress:

  1. Planning (creating idea) – done
  2. Data model selection – done
  3. Basic UI – done
  4. Data migration (import/export) – done
  5. Android app – done
  6. Web site, Facebook, WordPress – done
  7. Sample file – in progress
  8. Publish first Beta (autumn 2019)
  9. Finish Windows Ribbon Framework
  10. Add more export/import features
  11. Spell checker
  12. Advanced search
  13. Styles
  14. Improve all art – button images, etc.
  15. Testing, fixing…
  16. Publish first final release (spring 2020)
  17. Application styling
  18. Zoom in-out
  19. Grouping in Android
  20. iOS
  21. Full-fledged editing in mobile platforms
  22. Create Cloud service – subscription
  23. Painting, voice input, etc.


What is new in version 5.0

Version 5 is totally new application, with new data file format, adapted for latest Windows and mobile platforms

  • New data base engine: faster, more reliable, no more out of memory errors
  • New user interface – Windows Ribbon Framework
  • New card fields, e.g. Location implemented using Google maps
  • New bookmarking and history approach
  • New Android application

Hello world!

Dear azzCardfile users,

First, I want to apologize for so long delay after version 4. World changed during a decade: everybody moves to mobile apps, keep files in cloud storage, etc. Here is my attempt to make azzCardfile useful again.

Version 5 will be ready for testing soon. I will inform about that all beta testers mail list subscribers. I plan to describe developing process in this blog, open for new features requests or discussions. Keep tuned so far. But subscribe to the list now.