What is new in version 5.0

Version 5 is totally new application, with new data file format, adapted for latest Windows and mobile platforms

  • New data base engine: faster, more reliable, no more out of memory errors
  • New user interface – Windows Ribbon Framework
  • New card fields, e.g. Location implemented using Google maps
  • New bookmarking and history approach
  • New Android application

Hello world!

Dear azzCardfile users,

First, I want to apologize for so long delay after version 4. World changed during a decade: everybody moves to mobile apps, keep files in cloud storage, etc. Here is my attempt to make azzCardfile useful again.

Version 5 will be ready for testing soon. I will inform about that all beta testers mail list subscribers. I plan to describe developing process in this blog, open for new features requests or discussions. Keep tuned so far. But subscribe to the list now.