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Computer Diary with empty day-fields

The simple diary system is based on data file called DIARY CARDS.AZZ containing 366 days of the year.

Keep the original DIARY_CARDS.AZZ file empty. To start a diary, make copy of DIARY_CARDS.AZZ and rename it to something like diary-2009.AZZ or 2010.AZZ. You can create number of individual diaries for different things, and keep them as separate files: family-health-journal-2008.AZZ, work-diary-2009.AZZ, my_affairs_2009 etc.

Why this diary is different

Save time and keep concentration minimizing noise. There are no predefined fields in cards, like 1.Things to do, 2.Birthdays...etc, actually there are no fields at all. Quite the opposite, each card for every calendar day is empty text-editor window - write there only what's important to you on this day, and nothing more.

So, what's inside the cards. Sure, you will put there things to do, birthdays, notes, ideas, anything, with the ability to add images, clickable web addresses, shortcuts or text hyperlinks for launching files and programs on your computer. Format fonts, text size and colors, type or copy-paste unlimited amounts of text, from other documents or web pages.

Take it with you. Move the files between computers through removable disc or send attached to Email message. If needed, easily export entire diary or selected days to plain text file, copy it to mobile phone or pocket PC and voila.

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USB flash memory support implemented

Diary card file snapshot intro

Diary card file snapshot day

Download Diary Cards

The software needed to open this file, Azz Cardfile, is shareware. You are welcome to try it out - downloadable version is fully functional.

Download Download and install AzzCardfile program first: azzcrd33c_setup.exe (1.69 MB)

1. Download Save (not Open) this file: diary (132 KB)

2. Decompress (unzip) FILE.ZIP - will result in FILE.AZZ . Open this FILE.AZZ in AZZ Cardfile program.

azz cardfile safety report AZZ Cardfile safety report, check now.

We offer Azz Cardfile license for life at no cost - send us useful file in azz format, read more...

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