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Azz Cardfile for Windows incorporates many useful tools in one piece of software: simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer program without predefined fields, Recipe Program, Address Book Software, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Simple Database, Organizer software for Notes, References or any other items.

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AZZ Cardfile software : News and Announcements

Dec 26, 2004:
Free collection file added: Diabetic Diet Planner.
Oct 20, 2004:
Two more free public files in AZZ format: Over 150 low carb recipes, and musical terms with their explainations.
Oct 19, 2004:
Free sample added: Journal style records preformatted template.
Oct 04, 2004:
Free download added: Creating Barbie Collection sample
Sep 13, 2004:
Free download added: Family Genealogy File Template
Aug 07, 2004:
New sample data file added: Knots to Know
Jul 12, 2004:
Free download added: Teas : Recipes and Information
Jul 08, 2004:
Free download added: Sweets Recipes
Feb 08, 2004:
2 new sample files added to downloads: Dog Treats - 300 homemade food recipes for dogs, Amateur Radio Resources.
Feb 08, 2004:
4 new sample files added to downloads: Creating Music Book, The Sims Cheats, Cooks Helper, Business and Success Books.
Jan 25, 2004:
New version 3.2 beta is available for testing. Download here.
Dec 29, 2003:
4 new sample files added to downloads: Electronic Symbols, Health History, Radiology, Ukrainian Recipes.
Nov 12, 2003:
New sample file added to free downloads: German Shepherd dog breeds with pictures.
Nov 11, 2003:
New sample file added: Aromatherapy Oils.
Oct 10, 2003:
New collection file added to free downloads: Dewey Decimal System for librarians.
Oct 9, 2003:
We now offer free AZZ Cardfile license(s) in exchange for mentioning about us on your/company Web Site. Free license for link
Sept 21, 2003:
New collection file added to free downloads: German Grammar, Nouns, Phrases, Verbs, Words.
Sept 10, 2003:
New collection file added to free downloads: Copy Editing Guide by Cyan.
Sept 05, 2003:
New sample download showing how to store items in separate cardfiles instead of all-in-one : Recipe catalog template.
Aug. 31, 2003:
New sample added to free downloads: Creating Dictionary.
Aug. 02, 2003:
Graeme Rixon, one of our dedicated users, has successfully tested AZZ Cardfile on Linux OS.
July 19, 2003:
New collection added to downloads: Everyday Recipes.
July 10, 2003:
New collection added to downloads: Diabetic Food Recipes.
July 7th, 2003:
3 new collections added: Computer Tips, XP Tips, Word Tips.
July 5th, 2003:
Preformatted sample cardfile for keeping Family & Personal Records added to downloads.
July 4th, 2003:
New file added to collection: US History.
June 30, 2003, new download added:

Sample of AZZ Cardfile use:CD collection
June 27, 2003, new download added:

Hymn book, containing 200+ hymns.
June 8, 2003, new download added:

Eric's collection of about 115 favorite verses from the Bible, in AZZ format.
May 28, 2003: we receive quite a bit of comments from users, which are now available on Unsolicited User Testimonials page.
May 1, 2003, two new cardfiles added:

Computer Controlled Thermometer, a sample demonstrating how to use AZZ Cardfile for Electronic Circuit Projects;

Linux project references for old or low-profile PCs
April 25, 2003:

Version 3.1 released, download here.


  • Print preview added
  • Font selection box added to Formatting toolbar
  • Card Properties added
  • File Properties added
  • Improved font setting to all cards (Tools | Options | View). Set of different attributes can be applied
  • Predefined font and color schemes (Tools | Options | View) can be saved to a special file
  • Improved header and footer printing for landscape oriented paper
  • Print list bug fixed
  • Bug fixed: saving to network in Windows 98
  • Reported bug "List index out of bounds" (although we couldn‘t actually simulate it) most likely is fixed through some code optimization
  • other small improvements made and bugs fixed
April 21, 2003:
New file added to downloads: Internet Helper for beginners: collection of useful Web addresses.
April 07, 2003:

New free sample added: a convenient way to Collect Song Lyrics including instructions

March 24, 2003:

AZZ Cardfile version 3.1 Beta released.

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AZZ Cardfile can be used in many ways: Rolodex Software - *.crd files - Address Organizing Software - Recipe Cards - contact manager - address book

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