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Submitted by April.

Usually, if one comes across something in Medical Transcriptions they are unsure of, they first check their Steadman's online dictionary. If it isn't there, one goes next to a Steadman's book. And if it isn't THERE, one goes through a medical dictionary.

If any of these are missing, you end up:

  1. Googling what it is your having trouble with, which may not always work, because the problem is usually that a word SOUNDS one way, but is really another.
  2. calling your supervisor and wasting two peoples time.
  3. giving up and merely typing ______(s/l blah blah blah)

With cardfile, I'm organizing my sources. Something important, because with MT, speed is the essence, and time is literally money. I can do this a lot of ways. And here are some that I am working on.

  1. Doctors names. Organized by community or hospital, by MD, DO, FNP, RN etc.
  2. Body part names. Organized by extremity, by type (bone, muscle, nervous, tendon, etc) with latin and greek equivalents.
  3. Test names and procedures (such as what i had sent, which is a very simple beginning)
  4. Formats - I added two of the most used ones in clinical MT, the SOAP format and the standard one. There are other variations, some for operations, for dialysis, for path work. These can be set up by -ology, or simply by format names.

In addition, the fact that pictures can be added... fabulous! Anatomical pictures can be added for clarity.. what a joy!

So, in a few words, Azz cardfile is excellent for compiling all the sources one needs to be an effective and accurate medical transcriptionist into ONE PLACE. With the added joy of being something that can be built on when new things come out, and not having to upgrade every few months when new information becomes available.

USB flash memory support implemented

Sample for medical transcriptionists

Download Medical Software for Transcriptionists sample

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