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sail boat and rope

By Scouter Michael.

Ordinarily, when you want to put a rope to work, you have to tie a knot in it. And if you know only a few basic knots you can make your rope work much more efficiently. Knots are used to join two ropes together, or to shorten one rope - and to "tie up", tow, haul, hoist and support objects. Most knots are fairly simple to master - a little practice and you'll he surprised what you can do with a rope.

Because often, several quite different knots might he used for the same job - it's important to know the general purpose of a knot before you decide on the best to use. For instance, if you wanted to secure a mooring line to a post with a very secure knot that you could leave in the end of your rope -and use over and over again - you might use a bowline. But if you wanted to moor it with a temporary but secure fastening that would untie quickly - you could use any one of a number of hitches. For that reason you are better to classify them very broadly under their general purposes, some of the knots, bends and hitches most commonly used.

Since the safety of life and property often depends on a knotted rope - you want to make sure that both your knot and your rope are good. The success of your knot is up to YOU.

The secret - Practice, Practice and Practice (excellent activity while watching TV)

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