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Version 4 only features

For version 3 features see the home page.

For those using both versions 3 and 4, or migrating to another version : information about version compatibility

It is free to try - download now

These are the additional features, implemented since version 4.0.00

  • Groups within List of cards
  • Improved security - program settings now held in .ini files instead of Windows registry
  • Improved security - creating temporary files is no longer part of the process
  • Easier for Vista OS - data files .azz stored inside Documents
  • Assign icons to cards
  • Card window editor has more options
  • Card header formatting, also for printing
  • File format changed to XML - easier restore of damaged files
  • Dialing option includes modem configuration if used for contact management
  • New hyperlinks dial: and card:
  • Advanced search
  • USB flash drive support and wizard for easy transfer
  • Text import wizard
  • Style templates for cards

Learn how to use these new options in program's help or by opening the sample file (Help | Open sample file).

azz cardfile version 4 with sample file loaded
   Free sample files:
   Lifestyle, Crafts, Home
   Computer and Tech
   Specific Uses

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