Azz Cardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM) software

Download your fully functional trial copy of AzzCardfile shareware

azzCardfile incorporates many useful tools in one piece of software: simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer software without predefined fields, Recipe Software, Address Book, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Small Database, Phone Numbers Organizer.

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Download  Click here to download azzCardfile 4.1 ZIP

Installation is simple: extract .zip and run setup.exe. For installation and getting started tips, click this link.

Download  Or, install without saving zip to your PC : click this link : azzCardfile_41_Setup.exe and choose "Run".

This is fully functional free trial. If you decide to keep it, the cost is $29.95 - for ordering/payment options please follow this link.

No Worries

Azz Cardfile is absolutely safe to install: it will not modify any system files, does not contain spyware, advertisements or alike. It makes entries to Windows Registry only to remember last used data file, window position on screen etc.

While you download,

Below, check the list of useful collections and sample files in AZZ data file format, there may be some that will interest you. Collections are generously provided by Azz Cardfile users and absolutely free to use or modify.

Download the file (zip packed) to any folder on your PC (for example, create folder "AZZ files" inside My Documents), extract zip - it will result in AZZ data file somefile.azz. Doubleclick the data file some-filename.azz - with AZZ Cardfile program installed, Windows will recognize the extension .azz and load the data file into program.

Add your file, advertise through it, get free license! Here is how.

 Windows XP
 Windows Vista
 Windows 7
 Windows 8

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AZZ Cardfile can be used in many ways: Rolodex - crd file - organizer - Address Book Program

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