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azzCardfile reader for Android

What is azzCardfile

It is a Windows application created in 1998 as an old Microsoft Cardfile replacement. An idea of azzCardfile is simple paper cardfile or rolodex: pile of empty cards. No any fields, just empty "paper" sheet. This small application is equally suitable for use as a small "database" for contacts, references, notes, recipes... or anything else.

A big azzCardfile users community evolved during decades - a program is still popular because it is simple and easy to use. World changed after program creation: everybody moves to mobile apps, keep files in cloud storages, etc. Here is my attempt to make azzCardfile useful again.

This app is designed for reading azzCardfile files in Android devices. Editing cards is limited, however, there is an options to make calls or set locations.

It is beta version

azzCardfile version 5 is under construction.
I highly appreciate beta testers for their efforts and invaluable feedback, which has been helping to keep the azzCardfile as good as possible.

Warning: Please be prepared for possible unexpected crashes; so make sure to back up your files frequently.

If you have never used azzCardfile before, I recommend downloading and trying the stable release version 4.1.16

Before you try

If you are using azzCardfile Windows application and would like to view cardfiles in your Android device, this app is for you. If you are not familiar with azzCardfile application, download it from the web site

Don’t be scared by by complicated instructions - it is easier to do, than to explain :)

Suppose you are allready using azzCardfile for Windows and even installed and tried version 5 beta and have some experience with this software.

You need:

Files and where they are located

After azzCardfile for Windows installation, a special folder azzCardfile for keeping data files (cardfiles, i.e. all .azz, .azzx. .azzdb files) is created in your Documents (in most cases it is directory C:\Users\USER\Documents\azzCardfile Files, where USER is current user name).

I highly recommend keep your files in default folder \Documents\azzCardfile Files, because of newest Windows security concerns and for some file tasks automation simplification. However, if by some reasons you preffer to keep cardfiles somewhere else, change default folders in Tools | Open and Save settings dialog.

After installation of new azzCardfile version 5, some new sub-folders are created in data files folder. One of them is azzCardfile Android folder for keeping syncronized Android files.

azzCardfile-5 data files for Windows .azzdb and for Android .azzdbs are different, therefore it is necessary to export files from Windows and import them in Android app. Modified files in Android app can be exported back to Windows application. For simplification these tasks in just a couple clicks, Android synchronize action is created.

Later I hope to set up azzCardfile Cloud service, then you don’t need to know where are your files located, bet before that you have to transfer files manually.


So far testing available only for azzCardfile Android Early Testers group. After internal testing, open test will be available for all. Subscribe to beta testers mailing list for announcements.


In Windows

  1. Open your file in azzCardfile application. Suppose, it is FILE.azzdb
  2. Click File | Android Synchronize
  3. In warning dialog click OK
  4. In synchronize dialog click OK

Special file FILE.azzdbs for Android is created or updated in \Documents\azzCardfile Files\azzCardfile Android\ folder.

Now you need to make FILE.azzdbs accessible for Android device. There are several methods for file transferring.

File transfer methods

Cloud drive: if you have an account to cloud drive (e. g. Google Drive, MS OneDrive) copy azzCardfile Android folder there (or make this folder synchronized with cloud, if possible)
USB: connect Android device Windows PC using USB cable, let device to transfer files and copy azzCardfile Android folder to Download folder ThisPC\(phone)\Internal shared storage\Download or to some SD card folder
Bluetooth: send file to Bluetooth paired Android device
SD card: copy file to SD card, then insert this card to Android device

Files copied to Android accessible place are ready to use for azzCardfile app.

In Android azzCardfile app

  1. Tap Import in menu
  2. Navigate file location. It can be Downloads, Drive, etc. and tap on your file FILE.azzdbs there
  3. Your file will be moved to protected Android device azzCardfile app databases location and accessible only using Files menu

Using azzCardfile Android reader app is simple. Browse cards using titles filter, as in azzCardfile Windows application. Tap on card to open full preview. Go to Settings in navigation manu, change appearance theme, adjust card (thumbnail) sizes. Try to call from cards, set location in map.

azzCardfile Android app has some editing features: you can create new cards or update some data to existing cards (phone Nr or location coordinates)

Editing is limited in beta version. Updating original .azzdb file from modified .azzdbs is complicated and may be unreliable.

To synchronize changes made in Android app with Windows file FILE.azzdb:

Update data file in Windows

  1. Tap Export in menu
  2. Navigate file location and tap Save
  3. Move FILE.azzdbs back to \Documents\azzCardfile Files\azzCardfile Android\ folder
  4. In Windows azzCardfile application click File | Android Synchronize
Note: if FILE.azzdbs already exists in shared storage, a new file will be saved with name FILE.azzdbs (1). This can create synchronization issues, therefore clean Android shared folder before export. It will be fixed in final version.

azzCardfile Android screenshots

Tablet (Lenovo TB-X6.., Android 9)<br/> Normal theme. Small card size in 4 columns
Tablet (Lenovo TB-X6.., Android 9)<br/> Dark theme. Large card size in 4 columns
Tablet (Lenovo TB-X6.., Android 9)<br/> Light theme. Full size cards. Extra large text size
Tablet (Lenovo TB-X6.., Android 9)<br/> Normal theme. Full size cards. Tiny text size
Smartphone (Huawey P30 Pro, Android 10)<br/> Slide bar overlay
Smartphone (Huawey P30 Pro, Android 10)<br/> Light theme. Full card size in 2 columns
Smartphone (Huawey P30 Pro, Android 10)<br/> 3 columns. Titles only
Smartphone (Huawey P30 Pro, Android 10)<br/>Card preview

That's all What next?

Finish azzCardfile reader for Android and start reader for iOS (Apple devices - iPad, iPhone).