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Download: Linux references for low-profile PC projects

By Jesus Consuegra. This cardfile is going to be used for technical people who want to use old or low-profile PCs for technical projects, (for instance, to set-up a low cost router, or a standalone web server, a dedicated hardware controller), and wants to use Linux on it.

The cardfile holds information on most of the freeware Linux small distributions that fit on a floppy, and can be used on small/old machines. The information enclosed currently holds 26 references of those Linux mini-distributions, including the URLs to get them.

By searching through the cardfile, one can find the Linux mini-distribution that better fits his/her needs for a specific issue, in terms of memory, kind of CPU, etc.

Note: AZZ Cardfile can work on Linux OS.

USB flash memory support implemented

Linux references collection

The software needed to open this file, Azz Cardfile, is shareware. You are welcome to try it out - downloadable version is fully functional.

Download Download and install AzzCardfile program first: azzcrd33c_setup.exe (1.69 MB)

1. Download Save (not Open) this file: Linux (222 KB)

2. Decompress (unzip) FILE.ZIP - will result in FILE.AZZ . Open this FILE.AZZ in AZZ Cardfile program.

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We offer Azz Cardfile license for life at no cost - send us useful file in azz format, read more...

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