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Various sample files

From user: I was constantly loosing important emails. I always had to scramble to find important documents in files. I never could find importation notes I wrote.

I tried saving them to folders but search was difficult to use because of the volume and reference information was limited. My computer would crash and I would loose files.
Azz Cardfile window small

Azz Cardfile program window, with some data file loaded
Now I assign a card to every file which I have.

On each card I describe the information filed and where the specific item is in the folder.

I impress my boss on my ability to find documents.
I create a card for each day of work. I write important notes. Email are kept in a folder on the server, however, a short cut is created for each important email or record saved on the server. The shortcut is placed on the card for that date. I am able to find records with ease because I can describe the information in detail. My program is kept on a pen drive so if my computer crashes I never loose records.

Sample data files in azz format : various specific uses


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