Azz Cardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM) software

AZZ Cardfile - a modern replacement for Microsoft Cardfile.exe

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azzCardfile incorporates many useful tools in one piece of software: simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer software without predefined fields, Recipe Software, Contacts Database, Address Book, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Simple Database, Organizer for Notes, References or any other items.

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    azzCardfile is Windows program that helps manage any personal information like addresses, phone numbers, references, notes, recipes.
    It can serve as personal organizer, contact manager, address book, rolodex, personal information manager (PIM) or small database software. Replaces Microsoft Cardfile.
    Modern customizable user interface, ease of use and extensive features makes this information management software equally suitable for business office or home use.

    Download site editors have called the program "the best among the like" - read their review here

 Windows 95
 Windows 98
 Windows ME
 Windows NT
 Windows 2000
 Windows XP
 Windows Vista
 Windows 7
 Windows 8

32-bit and 64-bit

Azz Cardfile Interface with card selected

Main Features of the Software (versions 3.x)

Check the new options, implemented to enhanced version 4

  • Data files are compressed using zip algorithm
  • Data files can be password protected
  • Automatically creates (unless option is disabled) backup copy for each data file
  • Wealth of options to customize the program options and user interface
  • Number of cards on individual data file is unlimited
  • Text and objects on each card can be formatted and organized in free form, similar to any text editor window (Word, Wordpad, Notepad)
  • Besides text, insert images or other objects into cards, or an icon pointing to any file on your PC
  • Import Microsoft Cardfile *.crd files and delimited text files (CSV) - which can be exported from MS Outlook, Access, Excel and many other
  • Export data files to plain text, RTF and delimited text (CSV) files
  • Merge several data files
  • Select multiple cards in List for splitting to other file, printing or exporting
  • Print all or selected only cards
  • Print one card per page or continuous
  • Print list of card Titles only
  • Start program by clicking data files directly, or data files' icon
  • Open data files stored on another PC through local network
  • Cards can be plain text or Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • Background colors for individual Cards or parts of text
  • Filter-on-typing for extra fast search among Titles in List
  • Search and search-replace text strings in cards
  • Dial phone numbers using internal or Microsoft phone dialer
  • Hyperlinks (Web and Email addresses) are recognized in text and when doubleclicked launch default browser or Email client
  • Windows registry stores program position on screen, size and other options
  • Minimize program window normally or to system tray
  • Does not add files in other folders but it's own
  • Does not require additional DLL, VBX, OCX, or database engines
  • Does not contain advertisements, spyware or anything nasty

AZZ Cardfile - ZDNet 5-Star Editors' Pick

AZZ Cardfile - ZD Shareware 5th Annual Awards finalist in the Personal Productivity category.

AZZ Cardfile can be used in many ways: Rolodex Software - *.crd files - Address Organizer Software - Recipe Cards - contact manager - address book

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