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azzCardfile version 5

What is it?

Long ago I used to keep addresses, phone numbers and other personal information in old Windows 3.1 Cardfile, which I missed in Microsoft Windows 95. The alternatives (MS Scheduler, MS Outlook) were either too complex or inconvenient to use. I just needed a simple, small notebook with the ability to locate an item quickly without any predefined fields (street addresses, zip, state, phone, fax, etc.).

In early 1998 I decided to make such an application myself. Until now it helps me, as a disordered person, to keep all things in one heap, but easy to find what I need. This small application is equally suitable for use as a small "database" for references, notes, addresses, links, recipes... or anything else you want quick access to.

Decades passed. Everybody moved to mobile apps, kept notes in cloud storage, but I still get a lot of old Windows azzCardfile support requests. That means hundreds of people are still using azzCardfile and it's time to release an improved version of it.

Before download

MS Windows (XP or later version) is required to install azzCardfile.

For azzCardfile older version users: you do not have to uninstall previous versions of azzCardfile, they may co-exist on the same system. Data files are different and do not change each other.

You can open old version files with version 5, they will be imported into new database, old files remain unchanged.

After clicking Download, installation file azzCardfile_xx_Setup.exe will be downloaded to your system. It will usually be in your Downloads folder. Locate and double-click this file, then follow the instructions.

azzCardfile is absolutely safe to install: it does not contain spyware, advertisements or the like.

Ready? Download

Other downloads


Sample-tutorial of azzCardfile (if installed sample file is corrupted)

Browse through long list of various useful collections, created for azzCardfile - among them 7,000 recipes, 1,500 PC tech tips, dictionaries, humor, lyrics and much more. All files available to download and are absolutely free!

Go to samples page

Old versions


azzCardfile (version 2 or later) is not free software. The registration screen appears from time to time if you run an unregistered version. If you decide to keep using it in future, please register - buy the license. It will disable pop-up reminders and entitle you to priority E-mail support. Most important, registering will enable the author to continue developing azzCardfile.

Note: Check azzCardfile licensing status in your computer: run azzCardfile and select Help|About.

azzCardfile version 5 is constantly being improved. Having more registered users enables an oppurtumity for more frequent free updates with important fixes and new requested features.


Registered Users of azzCardfile version 4 should note that they are free to continue using azzCardfile, but the upgrade to version 5 requires an additional payment to get the new version.

Version 3 users should upgrade to version 4 first. Complete the Upgrade form. You need to provide your User ID. After version 4 activation, upgrade to version 5.

Pricing and paying

Before purchasing, you have to download, install and try azzCardfile.

After clicking "Buy now" you will be transferred to PayPal secure order form. In the process you will choose payment method, including instant credit card processing, PayPal and other.

After payment the License file will be sent as an attachment to your provided e-mail in 48 hours or less. The message Subject starts with azzCardfile License; message Sender will contain azzcardfile and a message will contain a small (5 KB) text file attachment azzCardfile5-License.txt. Spam filters may prevent the delivery of the E-mail message and attachment. Please review your deleted items, spam and junk mail folders for the License file.

azzCardfile version 5 has the following pricing:

Single User/PC License

$49.95 USD

Single License of azzCardfile authorizes to either: use azzCardfile software by a single person on one or more computers (e.g. home and office), or to be installed on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by multiple people but not both.

Site License

$499.00 USD

Site License of azzCardfile authorizes to install and use azzCardfile software on unlimited number of PCs on all locations for your business or organization within 100 miles (160 km) radius.

Upgrade license

$19.95 USD

You need azzCardfile version 4 license for upgrade.

azzCardfile version 5 detects version 4 license in your system and shows an upgrade link in Help|About screen when you run azzCardfile. If version 4 license is not detected (e. g. azzCardfile uninstalled or new computer), find the license file azzCardfileLicense.txt and activate it

Lost License

  • Search your Computer for a file azzCardfileLicense.txt
  • If you can’t find it, search your E-mails for a Subject containing azzCardfile License.
  • If you still can’t find it, complete the online form. Enter your Name, E-Mail and postal address which was used for azzCardfile registration.

Free registration

Free azzCardfile License could be granted for active users who help improve this application: beta testers have sent significant feedback, authors of useful azz files, press-release authors, those who advertize azzCardfile in their web sites and translate sample and help files to other languages. Contact author for further details.


If you need help on installing, using or registering azzCardfile, I would kindly ask you to first browse through frequently asked questions.

If you didn't find the appropriate answer, or you'd like to comment on the program, submit suggestions for future releases or report what you think is a bug, please click Help on azzCardfile menu and select Email to author. Do not change Subject line - you will lose priority E-mail support. Be precise: include the azzCardfile and Windows versions in your message. Describe in detail what steps you take and what happens (or does not) and exactly what error messages you get.

Note: most reliable way to get a suport is by e-mail described above. Requests made in other ways (facebook, forums, etc.) may not be answered quickly.

I apologize that I can not reply to each and every message (requests from registered users seeking support have a priority), however, I can assure that all of them will be taken into consideration. My apologies for the delay in replying. Many of messages require urgent response; some of them demand time for considering the matter.

Those who have difficulties communicating by email, can fill azzCardfile support form. It is not as reliable as default way.

If you want to be informed about the newest updates, subscribe to azzCardfile users mailing list:

join azzCardfile news mailing list

I GUARANTEE THE PRIVACY OF ALL CUSTOMER INFORMATION. I do not trade, distribute or otherwise market user information or e-mail addresses and will not do so in the future

Latest news

Go to release news

2023-10-10 Hotfix version 5.0.8 released. Fixed card context menu and advanced search by dates.

2023-09-28 Hotfix version 5.0.7 released. Fixed search issue.

2023-09-05 Version 5.0.5 released.
File notes. New card popup menu. Fixed and improved: ruler, pictures compression, advanced search, files importing, etc. Dictionaries added: Basque, Bulbarian, Catalan, Croatian, Vietnamese.

2023-02-26 Version 5.0.4 released.
Export to html. Scan hypertext. Paste as text item in ribbon menu. Export to Android (.azzdbs) fixed, apk file updated. Many fixes and small improvements.

2022-12-30 Version 5.0.3 released.
Fixed version 4 and 5 license files compatibility. Card background color imports from version 4 properly now. Other bug fixes and small improvements.
Fixed azzCardfile mailing news subscription.

2022-12-15 Version 5.0.2 released.
Some bugs and typos fixed.

2022-12-09 Version 5.0.1 released.
Published for registered testers only.

Main features

  • Files
  • Data files (cardfiles, .azzdb) can be located in local disks or external places (network, cloud, etc.)
  • Imports Microsoft Cardfile .crd files, delimited text .csv, vCard .vcf and azzCardfile old versions (1..4) files .azz, .azzx
  • Exports to plain text, rtf, xml, html, MS Word document .docx and azzCardfile version 4 files .azzx
  • Merges (synchronizes) several data files into one
  • fiber_newExports to compact (stripped) files for mobile apps (Android)
  • Cards
  • Cards count and card sizes are limited only by system resources
  • Cards can hold rich formatted text, symbols, tables, embedded or linked objects (images, sounds and more)
  • Many ways to recall and search cards (filter, advanced search, etc.)
  • Cards can be grouped. One card can belong to several groups
  • Cards can be marked with different icons in the list
  • fiber_newCard can be linked to geographical coordinates for viewing in Google Maps
  • Safety
  • Automatic create backup copies
  • Data files can be encrypted and password protected
  • Any card can be locked from accidental editing
  • fiber_newAutomatically saving after each change (if not in File mode)
  • fiber_newAutomatically create archives monthly, weekly or daily
  • Functions
  • Dials phone using Microsoft phone dialer. Autodetects and remembers phone numbers
  • Hypertext links: sends e-mail, browses WWW, dials, open files, run programs, navigates to other cards, show location in Google Maps
  • Spell checking. Many OpenOffice dictionaries available. Custom dictionaries. Live spell check
  • Customisable appearance (toolbars, task panels, fiber_newWindows Ribbon Framework)
  • Bookmarks. Easy set and get to ten different places of the file
  • fiber_newHistory. Trace all visited earlier cards
  • Enhanced card editor supports custom text and paragraph styles, hidden hyperlinks, symbols, table design functions and more
  • fiber_newZoom cards content to make it easier to read

Release news

What is new in version 5.0

Version 5 is totally new application, with new data file format, adapted for latest Windows and mobile platforms

  • New data base engine: faster, more reliable, no more out of memory errors
  • New user interface - Windows Ribbon Framework, zooming cards, etc.
  • New card fields, e.g. Location implemented using Google maps
  • New bookmarking and history approach
  • New style templates
  • New Android application (apk for testing available)
  • Many other new features and improvements

Upcoming features

azzCardfile is constantly being improved. Along with regular bug fixes (updates 5.0.xx) there are plans to add new features to version 5.1.xx

  • Minimize to system tray, minimize on closing and start minimizing options
  • Obtain necessary code signing certificates to make installation easier without Windows warnings
  • Improve text and paragraph styling
  • Improve phone dialing (somebody still needs it)
  • Create action/commands center for visually impaired users

Your suggestions are welcome.

What is next

  • Improve Android reader app
  • iOS - azzCardfile reader for iPad, iPhone
  • Cloud version. Subscriptions option.

azzCardfile screenshots

Sample file "manual" group has user guide cards. <br/> Open files from "Getting started" panel. Select panels from "Tasks" ribbon.
Cards filtered by "an" text. Sample cards with icons in "samples" group in sample file. <br/>Card properties task panel. Assign cards to groups here.
Getting started card. Task panel is hidden. Card locked for editing. Live spell checker shows error on "cardfile"
Picture in the card. Styles Task panel.
Old version appearance: ribbon hidden, menu and toolbar shown. Unicode letters in the card.
Advanced search task panel. Search text highlighted.
General options.
Elements appearance options. Card view selected.
Dictionaries for spell checking.