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Azz Cardfile for Windows incorporates many useful tools in one piece of software: simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer program for windows without predefined fields, Program for Recipes Management, Computer Index Cards, Computer Address Book, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Small Database, Download Organizing Software.

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AZZ Cardfile : user testimonials

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I have been using AZZ Cardfile for over 10 years and I just love it! It is installed on every computer I use, home or at work. I really like its ease of use, snappy startup and the small amount of computer resources it uses.

Anytime I need to make a note of some kind, I just click on AZZ Cardfile and within seconds it is stored! Many times each day I rely on it to restore important details to my foggy memory. How many times have you needed to find a name, phone number, web address, account number or any other piece of information you put somewhere six months ago. If you put it in AZZ Cardfile, you will find it in seconds...otherwise, good luck finding that piece of paper you wrote it on.

The registration fee is one of the best investments I have made. The one small fee years ago has been good for all the upgrades; how many programs can make that claim? Yep! AZZ Cardfile is my favorite app!


My wife and I use the software every day for our business - we rent holiday villas in Florida and sell cheap flights to anywhere in the world. It is used to store common email paragraphs (we cut and paste directly from it into Outlook which is a major time saver). It is also used to store general work info (addresses, costs, etc).

I also use it for Role Playing Games where it is a true God send (text, data, images, sounds - everything goes in and can be recalled very promptly). One thing I tend to do is to store shortcuts to sound files rather than the sounds themselves as this cuts down on the Cardfile size and therefore load times (some of my sounds files are 10's of Mbs in size).

- Mr J Fairhead,

I'm sure you've heard it all before, but here it goes again--your software is simple to use, almost intuitive; it's easy to use--I've already put it to good use, and was able to copy and paste from an existing file the format I needed. I've already got several ideas percolating that I wish to exploit using your software; it's versatile--you can do almost anything with it in short order. It does not require hours of intense labor to create just the thing you need. I would gush more over your product, but I'm too eager to get back to it--you see, I'm busy creating new uses for this amazing software. I was so impressed that I registered my software the next day after downloading it.

- W. Hunt, retired Community Library Manager, CA USA

I have tested a great many note management utilities and always come back to AZZ Cardfile. The potential attraction of other programs is that they have tabs and/or hierarchical trees to store notes in complicated ways. Trying to find information this way takes time and often fails. In comparison, the one-storage-level simplicity of AZZ Cardfile combined with the rapid search bar allows me to get the information I need quickly and without remembering under which tab or in which subfolder I stored it. Thanks for keeping a great product simple and efficient.

- Frank Collins,
Chief Scientific Officer

I have been using the freeware version (1.6) for several years, and have now upgraded to the shareware version 3.0. I have used it for not only addresses, but for databases of many kinds. It's a versatile program that can be customized for many different applications. This is a wonderful program.

- N.B. Corporate Manager, N.Y.

First, let me say I really like your program. It is simple, flexible, and stable - you don't find that combination that often. I will recommend it to others if it stays that way.

- JCM at Collierville, Tennessee

I believe a lot of people would like to use simple, but effective, software in keeping track of whatever they need to. AZZ Cardfile does the job and does it well. I fully endorse this product. As I said before, "Tried it and like it! A simple but effective way to organize everything. Great product!"

- W.D. (Bill) McQuesten
Former Office Manager

Not fully assessed yet as only downloaded a few hours. Impressed sufficiently to become a legit user with access to upgrades. Thankyou for a cleverly constructed useful piece of software. I can now stop searching, downloading and then uninstalling all other PIM's that do not meet requirements.

- RonR U.K.

I have used several versions of your product over several years. I have tried many other freeware and shareware products that are similar, but none have the features and consistent quality of yours! Thanks.

- R.C., Systems Project Consultant
Tallahassee, Florida

I absolutely love your cardfile! It is perfect for cut & pasting recipies from anywhere. It is just what I was looking for. I downloaded several trial versions of other software but they were just not what I wanted. It makes me laugh that this is based on the cardfile that came out with the original windows!

- Marsha, Atlanta, GA

I downloaded the trial version of your AZZ Cardfile yesterday (as well as several other trials that are out there) and just wanted to let you know that yours is the best by far. I have been using windows cardfile and copying it over to each new version of windows just because it is so simple and quick. I have outlook, and use it all the time, but I don't bother with it for quick notes or things I need to remember. Many times all I have is a phone number and no need for additional fields to click through.

Well your cardfile is just as simple (really even quicker, opens with a function key and goes right to filter) but it is better. I like being able to format text and enter pictures if I need to. And even tho I won't use the phone dialer, I like the way the phone number shows at the top right. I love being able to give people information in an instant. No waiting for a large program to load and various screens to click through to get what you need.

The program is very well done. The nice thing about MS Cardfile was the simplicity. You have kept that but added just the right enhancements. Very nice job! I will recommend it to my friends and co-workers. I am enjoying using it and I am registering for a user's license today!

- Debi Baker
Secretary of Information Services
First Baptist Church of Stuart

This is a terrific program. I have been using cardfile daily ever since it was in Windows, and my cardfile is around 500 cards. It is now getting smaller, because I am now combining subjects that I had split due to the limited capacity of individual cards. I also love the ability to use internet addresses right from the cards, and the ability to insert spreadsheets, icons, ole's or pictures. I will be uploading a small (100 card) Bible verse database I did in case others may enjoy and benefit from it. Thanks for a great product at a very reasonable price!

- Eric M, Intelligence Analyst
Miami, FL

I have tried many cardfile type programs over the past twenty years. Yours is so superior I have transferred all my data to AZZ Cardfile and use it exclusively. It looks like a bargin at $12.00 if it works as you say. I hope you all success.

- Satisfied Senior Citizen in Virginia

I have always loved MS cardfile and am looking forward to trying your enhanced product. Was hoping to find a SORT by keyword or something like that but maybe that will come in the future , Thanks!

- Martha

Thanks for the great program. It allowed me to get lots of data that would have otherwise been lost when I failed to migrate my 'cardfile.exe' application to XP.

- W. H. McFarland, Community Developer

Great little product - I have been using it for a while just a delay getting around to pay for it. Most impressed, simple and functional when most products now are complicated and over spec'd.

- Peter Clareburt, Data Management Consultant

Your Azz is a great program and I have recommended it to a lot of people.

- Millie, KY, USA

Great program. I especially like that it imported my 800 card cardfile, and the export features ensure that I can always import to Access or Excel if desired. Also the unlimited cardsize is GREAT!

- Scott Bellavance
Los Angeles

I'm a longtime user of the AZZCardfile. It's great! I've been using the original version (1.6); it has met all my needs and never thought about upgrading until now. I use the cardfile as a rolodex for home and business and a file system to keep track of account numbers, pins, passwords, etc.

- R. C. Matthiessen

I'm very impressed with your AZZ Cardfile software. I've looked for years for a program that would keep notes and encrypt them. I have found a few, but they were difficult to use, and didn't have the search features you've included.

AZZ is easy to use and keeps my information secure. In my business I need to take notes and keep them secure. I created one business file,and keep sensitive notes that pertain to my business, it's encrypted, so my information is protected. I can copy and past sensitive email into this file. Another cardfile is a personal file that I also keep encrypted (one card has passwords to various sites) (Another card has serial numbers for programs)(another has a list of birthdays and holidays) all these things are at hand and easy to locate.

I also keep another cardfile that is not encrypted. I can keep notes here that are not sensitive, it's easy to copy and paste notes from the Web or from email and paste them into a card in whichever file you choose. I created shortcuts to each file on my desktop and just click on whichever file I want to work with (Encrypted personal or business, or the unencrypted Notes file). I use the highlighting feature to call attention to any part of a card that's important to me.

Being able to add pictures and sketches is also a great feature, especially in my business. I use the search feature all the time to find any word in any card in a file, it's great. Thanks for creating the "ultimate notekeeping file".

- H. H. - Private Investigator

I like this product. I wish I could have the addresses connected to something that could be used on labels and envelopes for printing. The format is so easy and versatile.

- Martha Rose
Registered Nurse
Arizona, USA

Very nice. Simple and clean. Ability to sync w/Palm OS device would be awesome.

- Marshall Huwe
Recruiter/financial services industry
Atlanta, GA

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