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AZZ Cardfile: getting started

Each card consists of two elements:
  1. Title - thats how you name the card, it is displayed in the List on the left, and as a header on the top of the card when you select it in List.
  2. Card - all the contents in the right pane.
Cards are stored in data file which carry extension .azz. When you first save the newly created data file, program asks where to keep it. Best create subfolder inside My Documents for all AZZ files, but you can keep the elsewhere too. It is possible to have separate azz files for different things like contacts, notes, references, recipes etc. or keep all the bits of info in one file.

Screen elements

AZZ Cardfile Screen Elements

Important element is filter. Typing fraction of the card title into filter box is the quickest way to locate cards by Title. Typing the Title of your to_be_new_card into Filter-Box is the quickest way to start new card.
   Free sample files:
   Lifestyle, Crafts, Home
   Computer and Tech
   Specific Uses

Adding new cards

  1. Add new card:

    Type Card one in the filter, press Enter and click Yes;
    "Card one" should appear in the list.
    Your cursor will be flashing in the right pane. This is where you enter whatever information you want on your card - for now just a bit of text, later you will explore more possibilities like copy-paste from other documents, text formatting, clickable WWW and E-mail addresses, phone numbers that will dial automatically etc...
    Now Card one contains the information you just typed.

    Type in filter  card one  card body

  2. Add more cards using different methods:

    Mouseless: press Insert on your keyboard, type-in the title and press Enter
    Or, with the mouse, click New Card on the toolbar.

  3. Save cardfile:

    From the File menu, choose Save as..., browse to where you intend to have it on your PC, type some name in File name: field and press "Save".
    Or, just press Save cardfile or (Ctrl+S).

Creating new azz data file

  1. Use menu File > New, or press new cardfile on the toolbar; then create some cards using the above methods.


  1. Cards by Title.

    Type fragment of title into Filter-Box (above the List).
  2. Text inside cards.

    On main menu: Card > Find, or (Ctrl+F) or click search .

This should be just enough to start using Azz Cardfile. Use it's menu Tools > Options and Help for more.

AZZ Cardfile can be used in many ways: Address Book Software - Rolodex Software - Organizer Software for Windows - Computer Index Cards Database - Recipes Management Program - Computer Phone Book

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