Register azzCardfile version 4

For other versions (2,3, or 5)

Why register

azzCardfile (version 2 or later) is not free software. The registration screen appears from time to time if you run an unregistered version. If you decide to keep using it in future, please register - buy the license. It will disable pop-up reminders and entitle you to priority E-mail support. Most important, registering will enable the author to continue developing azzCardfile.

Note: Check azzCardfile version and licensing status in your computer: run azzCardfile and select Help|About.

azzCardfile is constantly being improved. Having more registered users enables an oppurtumity for more frequent free updates with important fixes and new requested features.

Before register

Before purchasing azzCardfile uograde, you have to:

Pricing and paying (for version 4 only)

Single License of azzCardfile authorizes to either: use azzCardfile software by a single person on one or more computers (e.g. home and office), or to be installed on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by multiple people but not both.

Site License of azzCardfile authorizes to install and use azzCardfile software on unlimited number of PCs on all locations for your business or organization within 100 miles (160 km) radius.

After clicking Buy now you will be transferred to PayPal secure order form. In the process you will choose payment method, including instant credit card processing, PayPal and other.

license type

License activation

After payment the License file will be sent as an attachment to your provided e-mail. The message Subject starts with "azzCardfile License"; message Sender will contain "azzcardfile" and a message will contain a small (4 KB) text file attachment azzCardfileLicense.txt.

Spam filters may prevent the delivery of the E-mail message and attachment. Please review your deleted items, spam and junk mail folders for the License file.

Attached file azzCardfileLicense.txt may be needed in the future, keep it in some safe place (or in azzCardfile Files folder created in your Documents after installation azzCardfile)

How to activate my License?