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Azz Cardfile for Windows incorporates many useful tools in one piece of software: simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer software without predefined fields, Recipe Software, Personal Address Software, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Simple Database, Organizer program for Notes, References or any other items.

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For AZZ Cardfile support, please E-mail , or post in our Blog.

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         AZZ Cardfile
         P. O. Box 1510
         LT-10009, Vilnius
         Lithuania - Europe

Phone: +370 52 709029

A few tips that will help us answer your question(s) faster:

If you need help on installing, using or purchasing Azz Cardfile, please refer to Quick Start, Frequently Asked Questions or How to buy first. Also, visit our blog and use it's search option.

License owners have priority e-mail support. Include your User ID (Check it in Help | About) Inquiries concerning operation of the program should include AZZ Cardfile version, which Windows OS, and other applications names, if involved.
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Thank You - AZZ Cardfile team

AZZ Cardfile ideology upgraded

We are two individuals running this venture on our own shedule and from home or a laptop - a week of 16 hours/day at the PC may be followed by an idle week. We are no corporation, we don't advertise elsewhere but free software download sites and search engines, and barter free license to free advertising from our users, thus no price pyramid - the cost of our product is multiple times lower than similar products of big companies.

That said, an issue of real human-to-human e-mail support for AZZ Cardfile users has always been tough dilemma for us - either announce "sorry, we no longer do it, please read Help and FAQ", or work closer to corporate shedule and answer e-mails daily. We sinned not answering help requests a lot in 2011, for which we are very sorry. Since summer 2011 we are moving closer to daily duties and trying to answer as much as possible long delayed requests, and new incoming e-mails.

We receive many e-mails from users saying they like the little program or asking to improve it in one or another way. For which we are thankful. But we are hungry for more inspiration. I heard good people are supporting their favorite charities, green energy, wildlife, the list is endless. I know my friends at are doing great job :) Thank you.


Antanas Zdramys thumbnail

Antanas Zdramys is professional programmer with high school degree. In his own words: I used to keep addresses, phone numbers and other information in old Windows 3.1 Cardfile, which I missed in Microsoft Windows 95. The alternatives (MS Scheduler, MS Outlook) were either too complex or inconvenient to use. I just needed a simple, small notebook with the ability to locate an item quickly. I wanted something that consisted of empty cards - without predefined fields. I decided to develop such application myself.

In 1998 AZZ Cardfile was born. Since then, more than 10 version upgrades were released, we estimate roughly 10,000,000 downloads of the program. Antanas is determined to develop the program further, to keep up with innovations in computer world.

Rytis Zumbakis thumbnail

Rytis Zumbakis teamed with Antanas in 2001 and has developed this website, which was his first serious attempt at online marketing. Today his duties include customer support, website maintenance, AZZ Cardfile marketing and sales.

We do share a common hobby - Ham Radio and Contesting, Antanas' callsign is LY1DL, Rytis' - LY4U, ex-LY2BIL. 73!

AZZ Cardfile can be used in many ways: Rolodex - card file software - contact database - Organiser - Recipe Software - Computer Address Book

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