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Azz Cardfile incorporates many useful tools in one piece of software: simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer without predefined fields, Recipe Software, Address Book, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Small Database, Organizer for Notes, References or any other items.

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AzzCardfile FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Known significant bugs and solution

Azz Cardfile Installation

Purchasing Azz Cardfile & Entering Codes

Using Azz Cardfile

Known bugs

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In Windows Vista - "access violation" error

Current version 3.3 is free of Vista "access violation" error, please upgrade - download from our website and install on top of the old version.

Some users with version 3.2 have reported "access violation" error on exit, this will not do any harm or lead to data loss.


Installing you may need to login as admin.

Keep data files in Documents.

In Windows Vista - other

Not saving changes, access violation error and other:

On your desktop, or in C:/Program Files/Azz Cardfile/Azz cardfile.exe, right-click the program Icon, select "Compatibility", and "Run this program in compatibility mode for" > Windows XP.

Bug - password no longer works

To save time we have implemented password protection module designed by others, and we just recently discovered it has a flaw.

What happens is : if a user mistypes the password 1st time when asked, program asks again and displays slightly different larger box. Even if user then types correct password, the file password sometimes automatically changes.


To avoid it, whenever you mistype the password 1st time and program says so, not retype it but click "Cancel" and close the box, then restart the program and type the right password.

In other words, you have to type correct password when first asked, if you fail and program asks to repeat, don't - restart the program instead.

Make sure you have backup switched on, use AzzCardfile menu Tools > Options > General.

If you forgot the password or password gets corrupted:

1. Recover from .bak file. It should reside in the same folder where the main file is (unless you have disabled the backup function), and carry same filename and extension .bak. Copy the .bak to another folder, rename to assign extension .azz and open in Azz Cardfile program.

2. Azz data files use standard zip password protection. Copy the file in question to other folder, rename it to carry extension zip and use any available zip password recovery software - search internet for "zip password", there are many such tools available.

We are correcting this bug for coming version 4. Sorry for inconveniences it may have caused

Toolbars unstable (now fixed in version 3.2, please upgrade)

On some PC - Monitor - Graphic card combinations, toolbar becomes unstable: menu items dissappear, toolbars won't dock once detached from their placeholds. Restarting the program, should let dock them back.

Card Title prints, but not the card contents

This bug appears when imported from MS cardfile .CRD files. Do minimal edit to each card - change a letter back-forth or insert a space at the end of text. This will let print card contents.

This bug is fixed in version 3.2. Please upgrade and import the .crd file using new program - the entire cards should print then.


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Will AZZ modify any of my system files?

AZZ Cardfile add some items in registry (to remember last used files, window size, position, colors, fonts, etc.) It doesn't add/change any OCX, DLL, INI or other files in system folders.

I'd like to have installation disk...

Extract contents of installation package AZZCRDxx.ZIP to some temporary folder. Copy all three files (SETUP.EXE, README.TXT and FILE_ID.DIZ) to CD. If you want to have it on 1.44MB floppy, copy AZZCRDXX.ZIP, as extracted size is about 1.6MB. Label this disk "AZZ Cardfile setup". Run SETUP.EXE to install AZZ Cardfile.

Problem: "no zip file specified" after hitting the Install button...

Probably some archiving agents (Zip Magic, Zip Folders, NetZip or others) were active during installation. Temporary disable zip utilities and close all other applications before installing.

Backing up data.

AZZ Cardfile is two parts - the program itself and data files that you create. Don't worry about the program, you can download from our website and reinstall it whenever you wish. Keep only license codes.

There is backup feature in AZZ Cardfile, "on" by default. Unless you un-check it (Tools > Options > General), for each data file the backup file is automatically created in same folder (default) or other specified. It can be useful if your PC crashes (e.g. for electricity failure) at the time of working with AZZ Cardfile. The data file can become corrupted in such case, but you have the backup file - it has same filename and extension .bak (ex. myfile.bak). Rename to myfile.azz and open with AZZ Cardfile. Also, "autosave every n minutes" option may be useful, activate it from same menu Tools > Options > General.

For things like total computer crash, fire or anything like that, you should back up all your important documents to other media, like CD and keep it separately. AZZ data files included. AZZ data files have extension .azz and reside on your hard disc where you first saved them.

If you want to keep copies of data files on another PC, just copy there, or, if the PCs are networked, set the beforementionned backup feature so that backup file is automatically created to some folder on second PC.

Reinstalling and upgrading to latest version.

If you own a license, you can download from this Web Site and install/reinstall the program any time as necessary, it is free for license owners. Keep just those license code numbers that we have sent you.

If you are upgrading from version 2.0 or higher, download from our Website and install on top, it is not necessary to uninstall the old program. This way the registration will be transferred automatically, and most options (if set other than default) preserved.

Data files (somefile.azz) will not be affected (except sample.azz which is overwritten during install), newer version will automatically convert them to new format when first opened. Just don't forget to close the program and any other running applications before installation.

Transferring AZZ Cardfile and all data to another computer

You can easily transfer data from one computer to another:

  1. Install AZZ Cardfile to the other computer (suggestion: download latest version).
  2. Enter your registration codes.
  3. Copy data files from your first computer (AZZ Cardfile data is stored in azz files).

If you don't know where azz files are located, you can either:

  1. when AZZ Cardfile opens your file, click "Save as" in File menu
  2. Select Start | Find | Files or Folders, in Windows and search for *.azz

Purchasing Azz Cardfile & Entering Codes

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I can't give my Credit Card details over Internet

Ordering pages use secure technology, but if hesitant, we have other payment options: Credit Card by FAX, Credit Card by Phone, Pro Forma Invoice (Check or Wire transfer), PayPal and more. You need to order online in any case, in the process you will choose preferred method to actually send money. Start here.

I am using program at home, may I use my Single User License on office PC?

Yes. According to License Agreement:
One registered copy of AZZ Cardfile may either be used by a single person who uses the software personally on one or more computers, or installed on a single workstation used non-simultaneously by multiple people, but not both.

For corporate use or network you must either purchase number of licenses equal to PCs that will use AZZ Cardfile or site license. See pricing information.

I have paid, but did not receive the license codes.

Following successful transaction we receive notification from order processing company and send registration codes to E-mail address that you provide upon purchase. In some cases it may take up to 2 business days but normally just few hours. Did you receive confirmation of succesful money transfer? If yes, please forward it to . Otherwise, you should contact SWREG, an online store that we use to sell our product.

Program does not accept license codes.

Perhaps you took letter "o" for figure "0", letter "I" for figure "1", etc. In E-mail message, highlight with mouse serial number, copy (Ctrl+C) and paste into corresponding field in program's registration box.

Using AZZ Cardfile

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What is cards count and card size limit?

Cards limit should be around 2,000,000,000 - be the first to try it. Each card can hold any amount of data, it is limited only by system memory resources. We have tested cardfile with 100,000 cards, size of one card was over 10 MB.

However, if cards count and/or size is very large, some actions (add new card, paste card from clipboard, etc.) can take a long time on typical PC.

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Importing MS Access data

Without knowing exact structure of your mdb file, it is impossible give complete step-by-step instructions.
AZZ Cardfile record (card) has only 2 fields: Title and Body.

In MS Access:

Before you can export from MS Access, you should rearrange your data, so that first field contains what will go into Title, other fields - into card body.

If you want to join different fields to Title (e. g. First Name and Last Name), create query for that (make first field: C_IND:[FirstName]&" "&[LastName]). Then export it to delimited (Export | Text File | Delimited | Semicolon, text qual {none}, etc.).

In AZZ Cardfile:

File | Import | Text File | Delimited. Make delimiter semicolon (;). First field will be card Title, all other fields will be card body lines.

If you have basic understanding about MS Access tables and queries, it should be easy to export your data to AZZ Cardfile.

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Does not import MS cardfile *.crd files

Delete all graphics and other objects inside cards - open MS Cardfile, load the crd file, save it as ver. 3.0 (File > Save as > Save as file type) and try to import to AZZ again. If the error persists, look inside .crd file (open it with Notepad). MS Cardfile crd files should start with letters "MGC" if it does not, probably the file is not .crd file or corrupted.

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When I import to AZZ, file contains cards which are not mine

Most likely you have imported to sample.azz, which comes up when program is first launched after installation. Create new empty data file (menu File > New) and then import.

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How to manage multiple cardfiles?

AZZ Cardfile (like most other programs) is two parts: the program itself, and data files that you create. Just create new files for different groups of addresses, or notes, recipes, whatever...

Create new data file - use menu File > New, or click "Empty white sheet" button on toolbar.

When you start AZZ Cardfile from Windows start menu or desktop icon, it automatically loads last used data file, to open another file use menu File > Open (or "Open" button), there is also useful feature "Recently used files list" - small down-arrow between "Open" and "Save" buttons. You can set this list to any number in Tools > Options > General.

Other way to open files - by file association. AZZ Cardfile data files have extension .azz - when you doubleclick these files from any file browser (e.g. Windows Explorer) - AZZ Cardfile program launches and opens that particular file. You can even make shortcuts on desktop pointing to individual data files.

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After inserting object(s) into card, program slows down or crashes.

You can insert objects like images, shortcuts, excel sheets etc. into AZZ Cards, but this can cause slow-down or errors if done wrong.

For example, some internet Web-pages have embedded scripts that run when opened. When you insert such page into AZZ cards, and select that card, the script may try to run, slow down everything, or cause error. Same could happen inserting various things, make sure you insert OBJECT and not process.

Right example: scan a document, save as image, and then insert that image.

Internal dialer doesn't work, Windows XP

In Windows XP, if you are connecting to the internet by broadband, look in Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Services under Telephony on the Startup Type tab, and make sure it is set to Automatic, not Manual.

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Slow operation - opening, saving, editing

Azz data files are compressed with zip algorithm, and the delay while opening is time taken by unzdll.dll to unzip the file. A file with 1000 text cards inside may take up to 10 seconds to open on 1GB processor and 256MB RAM.

If it takes much longer than that, and you are sure that your computer resources are not heavily consumed by something else:

1. Try to unload any 3rd party zip unpacker/decompressor that may be running on your computer in the background. It may conflict with azzcardfile's unzdll.dll.

2. We had a case with badly written freebie antivirus that conflicted with most other programs. I think it was something like "Ezantivirus". Also try to unload (unload using Ctrl+Alt+Del not uninstall!)any good/legitimate "always on" protection programs, but IMPORTANT! unplug your internet/network cable physically before doing that.

3. Make sure the data file(s) *.azz are stored on your PC in folder, that is not restricted/protected in any way. If you are not sure, keep them in My Documents.

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Fatal errors on Windows 95/98

If Azz Cardfile installs fine, but when started produces errors like: Access violation at address 004D58C0, Exception EReadError in module AZZ CARDFILE.EXE at 0001FC7B... Update your Internet Explorer to at least 5.5 here: - that will install Windows modules needed to display Windows XP style toolbars on Azz Cardfile (and other newer programs).

Trying to open file error message is displayed: "WORK.AZZ is not an AZZ file".

Possible causes.


File is saved using AZZ Cardfile version 3.0 and you try to open it with version 2.2. (different versions on your work and home computers?). Possible solutions:

A) On the computer with version 3.0 installed, export file (File | Export) to version 2.x. Then it will be readable by v2.x

B) Install version 3.0 (available here) to your other computer. Upgrade is free.


AZZ Cardfile creates *.tmp file in the process of opening *.azz file. When successfully opened, it deletes the *.tmp. If application did not terminate normal, or there was other error, tmp may have been left undeleted. Say, you can't open file WORK.AZZ. First make it's backup. Search your disk for WORK.TMP. Delete it (WORK.TMP). Then try open WORK.AZZ again.

This problem is related to AZZ Cardfile versions 2.x and should not happen with version 3.x.


If nothing above helps, try to examine file structure - it could be somehow damaged.
Experiment with a copy of WORK.AZZ file, of course.
Try to open it with zip application (WinZip, or other).
If file version is 2.x, you should find file WORK.TMP inside this archive.
Extract it and open with any text processor (e.g. Notepad).
First line should be: LY1DL Another cardfile
Then should be cards with some tags.
If file version is 3.0, you should find files ABC.~h and ABC.~i inside zip.
If you can't unzip file at all, that means, it could be corrupted by some system crash during file saving.
Try to find backup copy.

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Exporting/importing AZZ Cardfile to/from Microsoft Outlook Address Book

It is possible to import and export between AzzCardfile data files (.azz) and Microsoft Outlook (or Outlook Express) Address Book, with some limtations though, as AB is based on predefined fields, and AZZ is free-form without fields at all.

1. Outlook > AZZ

In Outlook menu File > Export > Address Book > text file (CSV), make the file extension .txt or .csv

In AZZ (don't forget to create new empty file) menu File > Import > Text file, browse and select it, OK, leave the delimiter default as comma (this is used by Outlook for exporting). The resultant file will contain card with Title "Name" that shows what line in AZZ corresponds to which field from Outlook AB.

2. AZZ > Outlook

All backwards, the only important thing is you must have same parameters on same line in all cards, e.g. First Name, Last Name, Job Phone etc, and correct number of empty lines in between, if something is missing.

Alphabetical sorting feature of the Cards List does not work, resulting in a listing not beginning with A at the top of the list. Currently, a card called," ZZZ", always turns up at the beginning of the list.

Make sure Tools | Options | General > Sort Cards List is checkmarked.
You probably have space character before "ZZZ". You have " ZZZ". Just delete first letter (space) and you will have "ZZZ". AZZ Cardfile recognizes character " " as the first letter of alphabet. It may be useful if you want to place specific card above the alphabetical order.

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While attempting to open a file, the program continues to say the file is open although nothing is visible.

Possibly, your file is already open, but it is minimized to Taskbar (bottom of screen). Look for small cardfile icon in Notification Area or System Tray (right part of the Taskbar, near the clock).

This is default setting, you can disable it by unchecking "Minimize to system tray" in the Tools | Options.

I can't add or delete cards. The Add New Card and Delete Card options are grayed out.

Most likely, you have pressed "Lock cards" button (between "Find" and "Options"). Click with mouse to release.

Is there a way to open given specific file each time rather than the default "last file used"?

AZZ Cardfile uses file association. Just double-click on .azz file that you want to open. You can put shortcut to this file on desktop.

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How to use the program with a command line, which will open specific card in a specific file?

You can run AZZ Cardfile from command line (Start | Run) or shortcut, using parameters. First parameter is file name, second - card title. For instance, command line could be like this:

"AZZ Cardfile" "c:/xxx/yyy/zzz/abc.azz" "John"

When you run this command, AZZ Cardfile opens file abc.azz and shows first card with John in the title. It could be useful in some automation tasks, batch files. You can put such command in Windows Scheduled Tasks.

Can it be used on a network? Is the program multi-user?

Yes, but any one data file can be opened in exclusive mode - if someone else on network tries to open a file, which you have already opened, a warning message will be displayed and a copy of file will be loaded. If changes are made to that second instance, it needs to be synchronized with original through File | Merge menu item.

I need to print titles and cards continuously on single sheet.

On main menu: File | Print | All. In File | Print Options uncheck "Page break after each card".

Is there any way to automatically start non-default E-mail client, when I click on E-mail address?

Options | Advanced | Use Alternative e-mail client, then browse to Program Files / program name .exe

When I print out a card, the name does not appear on the top of the card.

If you are printing cards on the different pages, you can set card header (title, name) on the page header:

Select "Print Options" in "File" menu, then type &h in the "Header" field.

To learn how to construct custom page header (or footer), click on "?" on top-right of dialog and then click on "Header" field.

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What about envelope and labels printing?

Unfortunately, you can't print directly from AZZ cardfile to avery labels, however, you can export file to rtf (File | Export | RTF file), then open it with MS Word and print labels from there.

Hopefully, mailing labels and envelopes printing will be implemented in next versions. So far you can try to experiment with paper size, orientation and margins in page setup. Using proper combination, it's possible to print on envelopes.

Can AZZ Cardfile be adapted to a Palm Pilot?

Unfortunately, we don't plan to make Palm Pilot or other handheld systems version in the near future.
Some kind of automatic synchronization IS in plans.

Meanwhile, try to export azz file(s) to txt and then import txt files to the Palm Pilot address book.
Or rename it to .doc and import to pocket PC's Memo portion as Word document.

Does it work on Linux OS?

There is no Linux version of AZZ Cardfile, but one of our users has tested it using Windows emulator Wine. AZZ Cardfile on Linux OS.

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What is the structure of .azz file?

For better understanding of azz file structure:
Create N.AZZ file with some cards inside.Rename it to N.ZIP.Extract N.ZIP and you will get N.TMP.View N.TMP file with Notepad.You should see something like this:

LY1DL Another cardfile - TXT
<CREATED> 3.60281800862268E+0004
<LAST OPEN> 3.60281801517361E+0004
here should be contents of card AAA
here should be contents of card AAA
here should be contents of card AAA
<CREATED> 3.60281802287037E+0004
<LAST OPEN> 3.60281802629630E+0004
here should be contents of card BBB
here should be contents of card BBB
here should be contents of card BBB
If you use rich text format, the first line will be LY1DL Another cardfile - RTF and you will see formatting codes in card contents.
AZZ Cardfile versions 1 - 1.4 used this simple format. From version 1.5 files are compressed using public domain zip algorithm. Therefore, now AZZ file is simple zip file with tmp file inside.

Version 3.0 and later azz files have slightly different format than in older versions. You can open all azz files with version 3.0. If file is created/edited with this version, and you want to open it with older version, you should export it (File | Export).

What is changed?
Rename file.azz to and open it with WinZip. You will find 2 files inside the archive: one contains index (.~i), other - card contents, or "heap" (.~h).

Why the changes?

In earlier versions, entire file was loaded into memory. Versions 3.x can contain large objects (bitmaps etc.), which may increase file size to megabytes and heavily consume system resources. Therefore, only index file is loaded, cards contents is stored in temporary heap file. This speeds up file opening process substantially.
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AZZ Cardfile can be used in many ways: Rolodex Software - Cardfile - Organizer Software - Recipe Software - address book - Import Windows Cardfile

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