version 5 coming soon

Reviving after a long break

Testing version 5

Dear azzCardfile users,

First, I want to apologize for so long delay after version 4. World changed during a decade: everybody moves to mobile apps, keep files in cloud storages, etc. Here is my attempt to make azzCardfile useful again.

Version 5 will be ready for testing soon. I will inform about that all beta testers mail list subscribers. I plan to describe developing process in the blog, open for new features requests or discussions. Keep tuned so far. But subscribe to the list now.

I highly appreciate beta testers for their efforts and invaluable feedback, which has been helping to keep the azzCardfile as good as possible. Please be prepared for possible unexpected crashes; so please make sure to back up your files frequently.

If you have never used azzCardfile before, I recommend downloading and trying the stable release version 4.1.16

What is new

Version 5 is totally new application, with new data file format, adapted for latest Windows and mobile platforms

  • New data base engine: faster, more reliable, no more out of memory errors
  • New user interface - Windows Ribbon Framework
  • New card fields, e.g. Location implemented using Google maps
  • New bookmarking and history approach
  • New Android application

beta testers mailing list

Frequently asked questions

When azzCardfile beta version installer and Android application be ready, all subscribed users will be informed where and how to download.

On June 2019, hopefully, bet it depends from testing. Anouncement will be sent to all subsribed users.

Upgrade will be free for beta testers, for other upgrades a difference between v4 and v5 will be applied.

Sorry, I can not reply to each and every E-mail, however, all of them will be taken into consideration. All ideas related to azzCardfile 5 beta testing are wellcome here.