Keep your data according your own rules and easy find what you need with azzCardfile

MS Cardfile replacement for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bits)


azzCardfile (version 2 or later) is not free software. The registration screen appears from time to time if you run an unregistered version. If you decide to keep using it in future, please register - buy the license.

You can check azzCardfile licensing status in your computer by selecting "About azzCardfile" in "Help" menu.

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Registered users of azzCardfile version 3 should note they are free to continue using the program, but the upgrade to version 4 requires an additional payment to get the new version.

Complete the Upgrade form . You need to provide your User ID .


azzCardfile versions 4 has the following pricing:



After clicking "Buy now " you will be transferred to secure order form. In the process you will choose payment method, including instant credit card processing, PayPal and other.

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Benefits of registering

When you register azzCardfile you will be entitled to:

Most important, registering will enable the author to continue developing azzCardfile.

Free registration

Free azzCardfile License could be granted for active users who help improve this application: beta testers, authors of useful azz files, press-release authors, those who advertize azzCardfile in their web sites and translate sample and help files to other languages. Contact author for further details.

The License file

azzCardfile has a built-in protection scheme which disappears once you register. When payment processing service receives your payment, they will inform me (the author), and I will send you your License file along with instructions on how to activate it.

The License file will be sent as an attachment to your provided e-mail. The message Subject starts with: "azzCardfile License"; message Sender will contain "azzcardfile" and a message will contain a small (4 KB) text file attachment (azzCardfileLicense.txt). Please check that you do not have a spam filter enabled that may prevent the delivery of the E-mail message and attachment. Please review your "deleted items" and "junk mail" folders for the License file.

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