Azz Cardfile Personal Information Manager (PIM) software
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Azz Cardfile is simple and easy to use organizer computer software without predefined fields, it can serve as Computer Address Book, Database for Contacts, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Recipe Windows Program, Small Database, Phones Organizer Program.

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   Specific Uses Headline briefs highlighting various topics on Gator, eZula TopText, WhenU, other thiefware related information, lead-in's to the thiefware advertisers, and the “What's New” about Thiefware.
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Get updates on thiefware (a.k.a. scumware and spyware) through the newsletter and alerts. You'll get the latest information and important developments regarding thiefware computer security and privacy.
Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) security settings for ActiveX Have you wondered how you got that thiefware installed? The culprit for some people is low ActiveX security settings that allow sites to automatically install thiefware. These settings help stop auto-installation of thiefware.
Data Sheet for Gator Information on this page provides an overview of what the Gator application does with it's popup ads over competitor sites and what to use as a better alternative.
Data Sheet for eZula TopText Get general information about the eZula TopText application, what it does to your Web site pages and how it gets installed. If you see those yellow links, you probably have eZula TopText.
WhenU and SaveNow, The Affiliate Member's Enemy Many affiliate members are upset with WhenU and SaveNow causing members to lose money. Affiliate members consider this outright stealing of affiliate referral commissions. Site owners are upset with the competitor ads popping up over their sites. Forum Discussions Provides direct links to discussions about Gator, eZula TopText, Surf Plus (Surf+), PurityScan,, Radlight, Spreading of thiefware through software downloads, and what to do if your computer is infected and how to remove thiefware.
eZula TopText DisablersStop eZula TopText from adding links to your pages on the browser end. Featured are 3 different approaches to stop the eZula TopText yellow links (RidText, CSS Disabler (Cascade Style Sheet tags), and the original TopText Refresher Disabler.

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