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Azz Cardfile incorporates many useful tools in one piece of software: simple and powerful, totally customizable organizer without predefined fields, Recipe program, Personal Address Software, Rolodex, Contact Management Software, Simple Database, Organizer for Notes, References or any other items.

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AZZ Cardfile Newsletter 24-03-2003

Dear AZZ Cardfile users,

Version 3.1 beta is now available for testing.

Please download and try it.

In September 2002 we`ve started to work on a new product - more powerful edition of a personal information and notes manager. It will be based on the AZZ Cardfile idea, but enhanced with grouping, handhelds synchronization, and full network support. Fully configurable user interface will support Windows XP themes and skins. Diary and scheduler could be integrated as add-ons.

The new product being developed has no name yet. It will be reasonably shareware-priced, but, with the ever-increasing volume of support activities, it may end up being a little more expensive than the present AZZ Cardfile.

Unfortunately, work is not going as fast as we'd like, so we thought you`d appreciate a newer version (3.1) while waiting for the completely new thing...

What's New in 3.1

  • Print preview added
  • Font selection box added to Formatting toolbar
  • Card Properties added
  • File Properties added
  • Improved font setting to all cards (Tools | Options | View). Set of different attributes can be applied
  • Predefined font and color schemes (Tools | Options | View) can be saved to a special file
  • Improved header and footer printing for landscape oriented paper
  • Print list bug fixed
  • Bug fixed: saving to network in Windows 98
  • Reported bug "List index out of bounds" (although we couldn‘t actually simulate it) most likely is fixed through some code optimization
  • other small improvements made and bugs fixed

Version 3.1 beta is not fully tested, therefore, it may not function properly. You may always return to the last final release version of AZZ Cardfile. If you download and install previous version (3.0.04), it will overwrite the beta version you have installed on your machine. To download and install the current release version of AZZ Cardfile, go to BACKUP YOUR AZZ FILES BEFORE TESTING.

Your feedback is highly appreciated - it is valuable source for ideas. We receive hundreds of AZZ Cardfile related e-mail letters every week. We apologize if some of your messages are unanswered yet. We just can assure, all of them will be taken into consideration.

If you own a license, you have priority e-mail support. Please include your User ID (Check it in Help | About) in the subject line. Also include AZZ Cardfile and Windows version numbers in your message, it will help us to answer your questions.

On-going support to registered AZZ Cardfile users will be continued and new versions of AZZ Cardfile will appear as necessary, regardless of any new products we may develop. At the same time, whatever new products may appear in the AZ... series, they will all be bound to the basic principles of simplicity and functionality. It will always be an AZ family.

Keeping you informed,

Antanas Zdramys

AZZ Cardfile has many uses: Rolodex Software - *.crd files - Addresses Organizing Software - Recipe Cards - contact manager - address book

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