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02-08-2003 AZZ Cardfile use on Linux OS

Graeme Rixon, one of our dedicated users, has successfully tested AZZ Cardfile on Linux OS. Here's what he writes.

Just an interesting note for you guys - I was curious about Linux vs Windows, and installed a copy of WINE on my Linux box, and AZZ Cardfile happily runs under this.

WINE is a Windows runtime emulator for Linux, allowing Linux users to use SOME Windows software on their Linux machines. I am running Lindows( Linux, and their WINE for Lindows-OS.

I will continue to experiment with COPIES of my cardfiles, using AZZ Cardfile under Linux with WINE and see what happens. So far, I have been able to do all the usual Cardfile things, including searching, and entering my user-code, which I thought might throw both Cardfile and WINE for Linux, due to there being no actual Windows on this Linux machine...But AZZ Cardfile acknowledges the code, and works fine.

I'll keep you posted, and if it proves to work with no aparant problems, PERHAPS you could make a small note of this fact on your site - it could be a way to get Linux people into AZZ Cardfile!!!

Or Windows people into Linux!

All the best, and keep up the great work you do with AZZ Cardfile!

Graeme Rixon.
AZZ Cardfile has many uses: Rolodex Software - *.crd files - Database Software - Computer Address Organizer - Recipe Cards - contact manager - address book

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