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AZZ Cardfile version 3.2beta

(Version 3.2 is now official, get it on main download page.)

This is AZZ Cardfile version 3.2beta, intended for testing only.

Download  Download AZZ Cardfile 3.2beta (1.44MB)

Although it should not damage azz data files or otherwise harm your computer, we would recommend you download and install one of the final versions for regular use.

This version is not finished yet. With your help, we hope to fix possible bugs. Please send any comments to . Don't forget to mention your Windows version. We apologize if some of the messages will remain unanswered, promise all suggestions will be taken into consideration.

It is not necessary to uninstall previous version before installing this one. However, be ready to re-install previous version, if the beta version causes problems.

Active beta testers - please mention to us () if you don't have AZZ Cardfile license - we will be happy to issue it to you.


New in version 3.2

  • Windows XP style appearance
  • Toolbars: new design; "lock toolbars" option added
  • Import multiple .crd files at once (multi-select file dialog)
  • Ctrl+D adds current date into the Filter box

Bugs fixed

  • Cards-content did not print when imported from CRD
  • Access violation after renaming card in filtered list
  • Hidden Actions toolbar appears after search
  • List export sorting bug
  • Cards list disappears after minimize and lock cards
  • Print or export to rtf plain text cards bug
  • Enabled Save button after saving

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