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English Grammar Rules


By mykidsrgr8 : Here is my collection of Grammar Rules. This is a great reference to students. I homeschool and have my kids keep file cards of all the rules. I hope this is an acceptable file in exchange for registration. I really appreciate this offer.


Use commas to separate three or more items written in a series.
Use commas after yes and no at the beginning of a sentence.
Place a comma in a sentence whenever it is needed to make the meaning clear.
Use a comma to separate the name of a person spoken to from the rest of the sentence.
Schoolaid Language Series. Climbing To Good English 4. Schoolaid. U.S.A. c. 1990

Use and or or before the last word or group of words in the series. Separate items in a series with commas.
Words such as yes, no, oh, and well are called introductory words when they begin a sentence.
Use a comma after introductory words.
Hayley-James, Shirley et al. English 5. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston. c. 1986

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