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Elements Properties

Physics art

By Don Coffman. This cardfile table of the 103 elements is arranged in the periodic groups.

Click on the element in the "List" to display the individual element properties. The properties displayed are as follows:

  1. Name
  2. Symbol
  3. Atomic Number
  4. Atomic Weight
  5. Electronic Configuration
  6. Valance
  7. Density ( at standard temperature and pressure, 1 atmosphere and 25 ?C )
  8. Melting Point ( ?C, at 1 atmosphere pressure )
  9. Boiling Point ( ?C, at 1 atmosphere pressure )
  10. Thermal Conductivity
  11. Specific Heat Capacity
  12. Thermal Expansion Coefficient
  13. Viscosity ( for elements that are fluid at standard temperature and pressure )
  14. Electrical Conductivity

USB flash memory support implemented

download: chemical elements properties

Download: Chemical Elements Properties

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